New Registration

Registration for current reception to year 4 children:

If you want your child to be placed in the waiting list of AtoZ Educational Services, please register your child using the form below.

Once you have registered your child with AtoZ Educational Services, your child will be placed in our waiting list and we will mail you when we have finalised the assessment date. We usually release the assessment date in the last week of July and the assessment will be held in September.

For more information about the Assessment, please visit our Year 4 and Year 5 Assessment Page.

Once you have sent the registration form, you will receive a prompt message confirming your child’s registration with us and you will not receive an email confirmation.

Please note:

1) If your child is presently in year 4 and want to register your child for the year 5 assessment, please complete the online registration form below.

2) If your child is presently in year 5, you don’t have to fill in this registration form. Please call us on 0208 935 5604 for further information.

What is in the Assessment?
Comprehension, written task and exercises to test the child’s spellings and vocabulary skills
Duration: 45 Minutes
Practice Materials: AtoZ 11+ Exam Practice: Pack 1 & Pack 2

AtoZ 11+ Exam Practice: Pack 1

AtoZ 11+ Exam Practice: Pack 2

Practice Materials: – beginner and intermediate level papers (Year 4) – intermediate and advanced level papers (Year 5)

For further information:

For further information about our year 4 and year 5 assessment and teaching sessions, please visit our – Year 4 and Year 5 Assessments FAQ Page.