Yr 5 Surbiton Paper Class

Surbiton Paper Class

After the immense success in Wallington, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch in Surbiton. Our Paper Classes are similar to both the First Test and the Second Test of Tiffin School and The Tiffin Girls’ School. These papers are prepared by our experienced team.

What does it include?

Papers Similar to the First Test
English (100 questions – 45 minutes)
Multiple Choice Paper
Includes comprehensions, exercises to test spelling, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and verbal reasoning

Maths (50 questions – 45 minutes)

Papers similar to the Second Test (Third week)
English – 45 minutes or 1 hour
Includes standard format comprehension and extended writing task

Maths (20 questions – 45 minutes or 1 hour)
Standard Format Paper

Where is it?

Southborough High School
Hook Road

When is it?

Five weeks course

Starting from 15th March 2020

Time: 9am to 11am

Dates: 15th March 2020

22nd March 2020

 29th March 2020 

26th April 2020

3rd May 2020

  • How do I book a place?

    Paper Class Fee £40 (VAT inclusive) per class

    Places should be booked for five consecutive weeks in advance (£40 × 5 = £200)
    Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    Please download the Registration Form and bring it filled in on the day to save time.

    Surbiton – Child Safety Policies
    Surbiton – Registration form

    Paper Class fees are not refundable or transferable.

    Please note: Paper Class prepayment is not accepted. i.e Paper Class dates cannot be booked in advance.

  • Make a payment

    Make an online transfer to the following account, stating your first child’s name and ‘Su PC-20’ as reference.

    Account name: AtoZ Educational Services Ltd
    Sort Code: 30-90-89
    Account Number: 33 0369 60

    Once the payment is made, please send an e-mail to billing@atozeducationalservices.com stating your child’s First name, your contact number and reference to receive a confirmation.

    Please note: The payment confirmation will be usually sent on Friday and we are closed from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020 for Christmas holidays and confirmation will not be sent during these days.

Paper Class Difference Explained


Surbiton Paper Class Wallington Paper Class
Main Focus Tiffins First and Second Test SET Exams and Second Test
Paper Structure 100 questions in 45 minutes 70 questions in 45 minutes
No of Comprehensions Three comprehensions, with 8 questions each One comprehension with 25 questions
No of Cloze Passages None One cloze passage with 15 questions
Verbal Reasoning Questions 15-20 questions None
Extended Writing Once a month (Fictional Writing) Once a month (Non-fictional writing)


Surbiton Paper Class Wallington Paper Class
Main Focus Tiffins First and Second Test SET Exams and Second Test
Paper Structure 50 questions in 45 minutes 50 questions in 45 minutes

Different papers will be used in both centres


Surbiton Paper Class

How does it work?

Your child will be doing both English and Maths Papers.

9 am to 9:45 am – Maths Paper Class

9:45 am to 9:50 am – Break

9:50 am to 10:35 am – English Paper Class

10:35 am to 10:45 am- Previous week’s Paper Class papers will be given out

10:45 am to 11 am – Previous week’s Paper Class corrections will be done

What should my child bring to the Paper Class?

Two pencils (HB or B), a soft eraser, a pencil sharpener and a ruler in a clear plastic pencil case or bag
​If desired, water in a clear plastic sports cap bottle (no fizzy drinks)

Your child must not bring:

* A mobile telephone or any other electronic device.

* A calculator or calculator watch.

* Any piece of stationery which displays multiplication tables or other such information.

* A dictionary.​​​

Why is it unique?

Our papers are prepared by our experienced team which is headed by Mr Bala Sivaraman, the founder of AtoZ Educational Services. These papers are different from the papers which are available in the Market.

We tailor-make our questions according to the requirements of the exams rather than generic questions and format.

This is our USP for high success rate since 2010.

What structure does it follow?

Maths- The papers will include all chapters

Paper Class timetable and answers will be available on our website (password protected page)

English- The Papers will include questions on comprehension, verbal reasoning, spellings, punctuation, grammar and vocabulary.

What format will the papers be?

Maths: We will be using both Multiple choice and Standard format question papers. Multiple choice questions are relevant to the First Test and Standard format question papers are relevant to the Second Test.

English: We will be using both Multiple choice and Standard format question papers or Extended Writing Task. Multiple choice questions are relevant to the First Test and Standard format question papers or Extended Writing Task are relevant to the Second Test.

Paper Class timetable will be available on our website (password protected page)

Will the correction be done in the Paper Class?


Pupils who have concerns or doubts in the previous week’s Maths or English Paper Class should submit the paper to the Paper Class Help Desk at 9 am on Sunday.

Please ensure that you highlight the questions which need to be explained.

Please note: Only the previous week’s questions will be explained. Please do not accumulate questions for weeks and bring them to class to be explained.

When will I see the results of the paper?

The Papers will be marked and given out the following week.

Both papers, English and Maths, will be marked with the Highest Score, Average Score and the Child’s Score.

When and how long will the answers to the papers stay on the website?

The answers will be published the Sunday following the tests at 11am and will be on the Paper Class​ Timetable and Answers page (Password Protected Page) for seven days.

Will my child get weekly homework?


This is a weekly test arrangement.

At what time do I have to bring my child on the first day?

Please ensure to bring your child around 8:40 am on the first day to fill in the Registration forms.

Alternatively, you can download the Registration forms and bring it filled in on the day to save time.


Surbiton – Health and safety

Surbiton – Registration form

Why do I have to book Paper Classes for five consecutive classes?

At AtoZ Educational Services, we strongly believe continuous practice is the key to exam success hence the Paper Classes should be booked for five consecutive classes. Continuous practice under exam conditions will help your child to gain confidence and improve their score on a weekly basis.

Can I pick the five weeks that my child wishes to attend?

No, it has to be for five consecutive classes.

Please note:
fees paid is for five consecutive classes and this cannot be transferred to another day and is not refundable under any circumstances.

What if my child can’t attend any of the five weeks?

You have two options:

1) You can bring your child on Sunday (on the same day) at 6pm to Wallington United Reformed Church. Stanley Park Rd, Wallington SM6 0EU to do the same papers.

2) You can collect the blank papers for both English and Maths following Sunday and complete it at home under exam conditions. You can bring the completed papers to our Centre to be marked.

Please note: These two arrangements are temporary and cannot be carried on for long term.

What if my child wants to discontinue the Paper Class?

If you wish to discontinue the Paper Classes after the five consecutive weeks, you have to send an email to info@atozeducationalservices.com, if not your child will be charged for the following week/s.

If you wish to continue again, you need to call and check for availability before you make the payment for the next five consecutive weeks.

I have a question which isn't covered here, what should I do?

Please call 0208 9355 604 or email info@atozeducationalservices.com